Monday, March 27, 2006

Batting leadoff....

It's hard to believe that how fast things change. Last year I was looking at the senior blogs, blowing them off saying how I wouldn't have to do them for 2 maybe even 3 years. Then I decided to graduate "on time," and save a few million dollars. So just to catch people up on the broadcasting aspect of my life, here we go.... I recently received an e-mail from Mr. Weaver offering me the Exec. Producer of Sports for the County Line, it's pretty much
the job I've been drooling over since I arrived here at Westiminster. I accepted without even thinking twice, baseball will come and go, but I'll be a broadcaster until the day I die. Besides, it's alot easier on the knees. So, anyway, I'm extremely excited about this opportunity, and look forward to bringing Titan Town Sports to new heights. I know people promise things all the time in broadcasting, but I promise all of my readers, friends, and broadcasting family members this......I will work my ass off to improve the sports segment, and to make the sports much more professional, and credible than before. In other news, I called WYTV this afternoon, and talked to Bob Hannon, the head of sports at 33. Mr. Hannon knew who I was from playing baseball with his son, Craig, but also knew of my broadcasting background from my previous internship in radio at Cumulus, and of course WCN. He's been covering my baseball games and talked to me a couple times during basketball games since I was at good ol' East Palestine High so it was ironic for me. I asked about a possible internship, and to my surprise he offered me one with extreme excitement. He said that they arent paid internships, and that doesnt matter to me. I think with the experience that I'll be getting at 33, I'll be able to take that with me wherever I go. Also working with Bob, and Bill Castrovince will be great for my professionalism, because they are in my eyes the most creative anchors in the valley. Believe it or not I have another internship in mind for the winter, courtesy of my teammate, and good friend Jason Mackey. I hope to be interning in Washington D.C. at WJLA, where I can get a dose of what a big market is like. Hopefully with these experiences, it will be enough on a resume (along with a pretty big connection) to put me over the rest of the competition at the ESPN headquarters in Bristol, CT. Thats my dream internship, because if they like your work, you get a job, and that is EXACTLY where I want to be. That's it for this edition, tune in next time as we cover more of my experiences as a broadcaster.


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Interesting color combo for the blog-- but think about some changes to make it user friendly to a reader.

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