Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Broadcast Like It's My J.O.B.

For this weeks capstone I'm putting together a couple entries...My first entry will show places for me to look around for jobs and how I'm planning on going about things to get my foot in the door at these places. The second entry is something that I'm putting together because I've found a new inspiration to who's tracks I would like to follow, Mr. Mike Greenberg from ESPN Radio, and ESPN. More about him in the next entry....

Now the search begins, and nowhere better than at the top of the pyramid, ESPN. I've actually been putting applications in at ESPN for a little over a year now and knowing that I probably won't be able to perform at that level, the tables are starting to turn. I'm a year older, a year wiser and a year more experienced with everything. So where do you go to apply to ESPN?? I found that if you go to the main website and scroll down to jobs, they give you the option between sending in your own resume, or creating one on the site. ESPN JOBS. If you're familiar at all with my blog, you know that ESPN is a goal of mine, and I fully intend on reaching it and working from the bottom to the top if need be.
Another job possibility is with FOX, and the reason I chose FOX is because of the creativity, and the networking that can be done there. FOX is probably the second-most well known sports network on the planet. Especially with the growing interest in competition against ESPN's SportsCenter. I feel that FOX is mainstream and that's where I see myself in the longrun. Dr. B's checklist for success explains a lot about how to go about things, and I've really embraced this list, and up to now, have had much success of my own. I feel the most important rule is "Develop your own personal strengths." The reason I feel that is because in a competitive industry like broadcasting, if you're fake, or you don't know your material, it shows. If you're yourself, and can standout from the crowd, more often times than not, you will prevail.
I'm not into the whole newsletter thing where a group of analysts tell you some potential jobs, and jobs that are out there. If I'm going to pay money, I'd rather get an agent (which I know is considerably more) because they know their way around the business, and I may be able to feed of the network that they have already created. So in that case, I'd have to do some extensive research on agents, I've done a little bit, and one that stands out to me is The Association of Talent Agents. This way, I know what I'm getting and I have a representative to fill in the holes as oppose to me going into a job blindfolded. The site also shows the actors and talent of today and where they've gone to get agents.

However, knowing that I won't be able to afford an agent right off the get go, I find lostremote.com to be an excellent source to find jobs all over the country, and even the world. The thing I like most about lostremote is that it is not very specific or as I like to call "home-towned" because it gives you the big picture as oppose to the slide-show that we often are exposed to being close to Youngstown. Nothing against the small market, but if I'm still young and if I don't try to get to the top now, my fear is that I never will.

Thats all for now, stay tuned for the Greenberg post, Until next time, I'm DJ Yokley...


Blogger Brad Weaver, BC Instructor said...

I think you're hitting on something with the online sports thing-- there's so much that newsrooms an sportsrooms gather (info, video, interviews) that never makes it on air. Maybe more of it should be USED and put on line for consumers to pick and choose-- like the Greyhound Round up. More highlights than any TV station or newspaper will carry...but clearly something a niche audience would want.

10/08/2006 08:19:00 AM  

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