Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What I did in broadcasting this week...

This week was pretty big in my broadcasting world, it was a full plate, I had all my shifts, and all my games, not to mention Titantown Sports, let me break it down for you.
Monday: Attended regular classes, went up to the newsroom and put together a rundown for Titantown Sports at the County Line meeting. Also put together the Greyhound Roundup (week 5) and put together another weeks highlights on the computer for the Wilmington Highlight Reel for season's end.
Tuesday: Performed the 2-Minute Sports Drill solo, and nailed down some sound of Coach Verelli talking about the performance at Reynolds. Started working on highlights for TTS, and picked up some great shots from the Titan game at Thomas More, except for the fact that the Boys in Blue got marched all over by the Saints. I also used my Greyhound highlights, and debated using another set for for time safety. I then prepped for my radio shift at 2, and then had one of the best shows I've ever had, it was full with fun stuff, and had zero glitches.
Wednesday: This is the calm before the storm. Wednesday is the day I would prefer to write my scripts, just because I don't have alot to do on these days, but it never seems to work out that way. Wednesday's are nice in the fact that everybody is relaxed, because they still have at least 24 hours to do their thing for Thursday's main event. The question is, do they take advantage? I double check my highlights, and make sure there are no jump cuts (J.C.'s) and make sure I understand the material completely before I can go on the air(there are no IFB's from this century or spotters.) I finish my day by recording the 2-Minute Sports Drill, and head back to get some sleep and rest up for tomorrow's big game.
THURSDAY: May as well cause it "Mass Panic" day for some. Thursday is the day people make it, or break it. Mainly because they know that their time is up, and their last chance is to somehow pull off an empty edit bay. A little FYI, there are only 2 edit bay's and about 4 or 5 different people/groups jockeying for position. Live and learn I suppose, today is a day where all I have to do is create a script, and play dress up trying to look like a genuine sportscaster. Oh yeah, and provide Lawrence County with up to date sports news without fudging any of it. The show goes on, and Steve Brink and Megan Alexander do well. I get on and knock down my highlights, and my Extra Innings, and I'm off. All that work for 6 minutes worth of time. It goes by so fast, and the relief is so large that you can almost see the weight taken off my shoulders by the post-show meeting. Aidan is the best at making me feel like everything is going to be fine, especially when the world if falling down, she's the best producer/floor director there is!
Friday: Wake up with the crows, and get ready for the morning show I have with Clarissa Hunter. We got to preview a movie (Employee of the Month) and talked about the Steelers. I'm still on the fence as to whether I like the morning show circuit or not, sometimes I feel out of place because I'm so wrapped up in sports that it's often hard to understand anything else going on, but then again, that's the way I like it. Just another happy ending to a long week for this guy, until next time... I'm DJ Yokley.


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