Thursday, November 30, 2006

REALizing and identIFying...

I haven't had much spare time on my hands, so it's time to play catch up with the ol' blog. This edition of Extra Innings is going to take a look back at the senior year of Jason Mackey. Incase you didn't know, Jason is a good friend of mine and taught me much of what I know about sports broadcasting. When Jason first started to blog and for as long as I've known him his goal was to become an on air talent for sports. Week by week it seemed as if Jason was less determined to do what he wanted. Then he came up with a plan to get to where he wanted to be by taking little steps along the way, first moving to DC, continuing his internship, all while making money and staying in school at George Mason. This ended up the best route for him, even though Jas no longer interns at WJLA, he does what it takes to keep his name out there and works 2 jobs at a time just to stay down there and have a chance when it presents itself.
I really admire Jason's determination to do things, actually it's what keeps me going sometimes. He and Denny are living proof that if you want something you just have to go after it and get it. Through all the baseball games, and Coaches Corners, and for The County Line packages, Jason has been determined to put his best foot forward, and that's exactly what I intend on doing. So thanks Jas, and keep up the good work. Goals can be REAL....IF you make them that way.


Blogger Tandi Lane said...

I'm so proud of Mackey and of you! I'm glad you and the others in your class have people to look up to and to guide! My class didn't have a lot of upperclassman that we could look up to. There were only a select few! I like your ending quote. Dreams can be real! Go for it DJ!

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