Sunday, December 10, 2006

Capstone Presentations...

The Capstone presentations for Steve Brink, Chris Zinkham, and Kirstan Gides went well. Steve led us through his journey year by year at Westminster, showing us that the adventure we call broadcasting is worth every minute. Chris' presentation was interesting because he had so many nice things to say about the program and was very positive and straight forward. Kirstan showed us that with a BC degree the opportunities are endless and that you can do whatever you want as long as you can network. Together these three put on a nice show that was well done.
I really like the way our capstone presentations are put together. Having everyone together with families is something special. In no way is it a competition, so it's nice to see everyone's parents and family and friends come to see the presentations. It gives parents an idea of what their child brought to the table. It makes us realize how much of a team we were along the way. For instance, my parents will enjoy what Mike will have to say because he's my producer, and hopefully Mike's parents will be interested in what I have to say because I was his "puppet." I think our audience usually gets a kick out of what we have to say individually, and there is a central point that our audience gets to focus on instead of having divided attention.
For mine, I intend on putting together a video montage of my work, everything from Greyhound Roundups, to Titantown Sports, to Packages I've done. I'm also planning on showing a 3 minute music edited highlight tape of the Greyhounds, because they've been a very crucial part of my senior year(after all they did go 14-1.) I'll explain how the broadcasting program here at Westminster made me grow as an individual, and the liberal arts at Westminster made me develop my thoughts more proficiently. I also plan on inviting people that have meant alot during the process of my story so far...keep a lookout for those invites in the mail!


Blogger Tandi Lane said...

Oh, the wonderful end to your broadcast life at Westminster Capstone Presentation. I think what you have planned is wonderful. It's very difficult to put together a presentation that is supposed to refelct your time in the program. I mean, I could've gone for 2 hours. But, you have to priortize and pick the things that are most important and meaningful and the things that helped you most and that will help you get to where you want to be and showcase that. It seesm like your on the right track though and I'm sure your presentation will be great!

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